Scholarship in Bangladesh and Sydney

There are a range of scholarships available to students who complete the 1st year at the Premier University Campus.

UTS College scholarships

UTS College Scholarship Start you journey to Sydney in Bangladesh with a merit based scholarship. These range from 25% up to a full 100% of the fees for the 1st year in Bangladesh.

UTS scholarships

UTS College to UTS Pathway Scholarship Bangladesh

All students who complete a Diploma with UTS College in Bangladesh, will be eligible to receive a part scholarship for the duration of their studies in Sydney. In addition high performers will qualify for additional scholarship opportunities.

Scholarship for 1st year in Bangladesh

From the mentioned tuition fee of 6,40,000 BDT, student will certainly get additional scholarship up to 40% of the tuition fee.

Scholarship for 2nd and 3rd year in Australia

• Students will be provided with a guaranteed 20% scholarship on tuition fees.
• Students can earn a 25% merit-based scholarship with a GPA of 3.4 out of 4.0 or equivalent.

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