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When you study with UTS College at Premier University Chittagong, you study in a dedicated and well designed study environment right in the heart of Chattogram city.

What we will offer you in Bangladesh is new to Bangladesh and a unique way to commence your international study. We will be able to show you how you can commence your program at home and finish with the same benefits as a direct pathway:

  • More affordable
  • Faster, with no visa waiting
  • Less risk
  • Flexible entry
  • Early career entry

Those seeking an international experience are always seeking an advantage – and we can provide that – and have you in your career and working whilst those who start direct are still studying! The program we offer provides an opportunity for many who would otherwise not achieve an international study goal.

We understand the importance of the decision you are to make about your future and career – one that will shape your life, so it is important to get it right at the start. Moving overseas to study is a big step in your career path, and our staff are all experts and trained to be able to guide you on the journey.

We do offer the unique opportunity to complete the first year of your degree in Bangladesh, which brings many advantages such as time, affordability and outcomes, and guarantee entry into 2nd year in Australia.

In deciding your study pathway, the things you need to consider are:

  • Trust in the information you are provided
  • Quality in the program you are to undertake
  • Affordability of the program undertaken
  • Flexibility to provide options to entry, study and time
  • Outcomes that meet your expectations


It is important to know you are getting the right information and that is trustworthy. We can show our trust as:

  • The programs we offer are University Grant Commission (UGC) approved
  • University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a quality and trusted university ranked No 1 Young University in Australia
  • We are partnered with the prestigious Premier University Chittagong (PUC)
  • UTS conduct similar programs in other countries such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China. South Korea and Indonesia with great success for the student outcomes
  • Our counsellors are highly trained to give advice that is best for you

Quality Experience

A quality program is vital for establishing your future career. We guarantee quality through:

  • We use the UTS coursework, with the academics from UTS providing quality assurance
  • PUC engages to the highest quality teachers to deliver the program
  • We have established a mini-campus in PUC with classrooms at the highest quality for your learning


The cost of an international education can be high. We assist to reduce costs and make experience more affordable by:

  • Providing the first year in Bangladesh with fees at a 75% discount compared to study in Australia
  • All our graduates receive an ongoing scholarship for the duration of their course at UTS
  • Your living costs are reduced for the 1st year by being at home
  • You graduate more quickly, meaning you start your career earlier


there are very strict rules for moving overseas for international study – for being provide with an offer to a university and also to gain a visa once accepted. By commencing your studies in Bangladesh, we are able to assist with more flexible options available and also increase your visa chances. Our counsellors will assist with information on how we can make this happen for you.


importantly, we are able to provide outcomes that will assist you to have an easier pathway on your journey and improve your international experience. This includes:

  • Guaranteed entry into the 2nd year of UTS bachelor’s degree
  • Studying the first year in Bangladesh will assist with your visa application
  • You will enter a prestigious university that has excellent graduate outcomes
  • When you commence in Australia, you will have friends from Bangladesh who you studied with from day 1
  • You will qualify for post-study work rights in Australia (currently up to 4 years)
  • You will save time due to a faster application and visa process to commence your study
  • You will start work earlier and be earning – and have launched your career ahead of those who seek direct entry – our counsellors will show you how.

When you study with UTS College at Premier University Chittagong, you study in a dedicated and well-designed study environment right in the heart of Chattogram city; and be taught by the highest quality teachers on the same coursework that you would have at UTS.

When you travel to Australia, you will get to live in a wonderfully modern and multicultural city that is very welcoming to international students and provides well to their needs.

In addition, you get to study at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) which is located in the heart of Sydney, and is widely known for its innovative learning and teaching approach, which integrates the best of online and on-campus experiences. UTS is the No.1 young university (under 50 years) in Australia, which shows the quality it provides. It has world class professors and the best labs and technological facilities to provide exceptional graduate outcomes. UTS also offers over 150 undergraduate and 250 postgraduate courses across a vast array of traditional and emerging disciplines.

With your study in Chattogram, it is with Premier University Chittagong (PUC) which is an exclusive prestigious partner of UTS in Bangladesh.

Premier University is the leading private university in Chittagong with a dedication to quality education and broadening and enriching the lives of students in and out of the classroom. It has over 10000 students across six faculties studying bachelor and post graduate programs.

Each classroom has natural light and each floor has student break out areas for collaborative work. In this way, the building models and the collaborative, innovative learning spaces are a feature of UTS and UTS College in Sydney.

The facilities will include:

  • a precinct devoted to student spaces for relaxing, eating, group work and presentations
  • dedicated small teaching spaces to allow for a more interactive learning experience
  • a quiet learning centre for quiet work, equipped with computers
  • access to computer laboratories and library facilities
  • WiFi connectivity throughout.

Your Pathway to University of Technology Sydney, Australia

The pathway you take to UTS will depend on your current academic and English qualifications and how long you want to study in Bangladesh before coming to Australia.

Now, with this collaboration, UTS college provides its pathway programs at PUC, so that students can complete the 1st year of UTS degrees in Bangladesh with maximum scholarships on tuition fee and with a guaranteed entry to the 2nd year at UTS in Sydney, Australia.

The table below shows:

  • You need to complete the final year of secondary school
  • English has 3 options:
    • You studied high school in English
    • You have a relevant IELTS (or equivalent) score
    • You complete the UTS English program to enter without IELTS
  • You do the first year in Bangladesh which is same as the first-year university
  • Complete your studies in Australia for the remaining 2 years

*Successful completion of the relevant level of Academic English meets the English requirements for Diplomas (AE4)
^The point where you enter into your UTS degree will depend on your major and is based on no more than two subject failures. Not all majors will take you into second year. Please refer to the individual course pages on the website utscollege.edu.au for full credit point details.
#This pathway is only available if you achieve the required Grade Point Average (GPA).
*Successful completion of AE5 satisfies the English Language Admission requirements for most UTS Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees. For specific details of UTS English entry requirements please refer to the individual faculty pages on the UTS website.

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