Jubayer Mahumd Nasif


  • Jubayer dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in the IT industry which led him to starting at UTS
  • He was inspired to choose UTS and UTS College after learning of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniake’s involvement with UTS’s Faculty of Engineering and IT
  • His hard work is already paying off, receiving several academic awards from UTS College which is helping towards his education in Australia

Aspiring entrepreneur, following in the footsteps of his tech-world heroes 

Jubayer Mahumd Nasif has already overcome many challenges to achieve success at UTS College, which has so far included the Dean’s Merit Award and a Medibank International Education Scholarship for achieving a GPA of 7 in the Diploma of Information Technology in his first semester at UTS College.  

Starting a new life in a new country

“Starting study in a new country with a new education system is always hard. But I was fascinated and ready to start a new chapter of my life,” says Jubayer. “During the semester I worked hard, struggled many times, but my aim was clear: I wanted to be among the top. And when I got results from the hard work, it was satisfying and I’m indeed proud of it.” 

Arriving from Bangladesh, Jubayer dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in the “crazy IT industry” and his research led him to choose a program at UTS. “They really care about international students reaching their goals and dreams,” he says. “The education quality, global ranking and research facilities also attracted me to be a part of UTS.”  

This, along with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniake being part of the UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT, is what sealed Jubayer’s decision to choose UTS and UTS College. “I felt starting with UTS College would give me the best opportunity to cope with a new education system and prepare me for UTS,” he says.   

Inspired by the big minds of the tech world 

Jubayer is inspired by the tech world’s “biggest minds”, including Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Elon Musk. “These are the people who always inspired me to become a part of this crazy tech world,” he says. “It always excites me how they come up with those creative ideas which change the world forever and make society more fulfilled.” 

Jubayer is honored to receive a scholarship and is motivated to do well in the future and remain dedicated to his studies. “In this fast-growing world, there are many problems which still need to be solved. I want to be an entrepreneur so that I can make contribution to the world to make it a better place to live. I have always had a curiosity for computers, artificial intelligence, robotics and how things work underneath the hood.” 

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