COVID-19 prevention and awareness by UTS College Bangladesh

UTS College Bangladesh is a registered COVID Safe workplace, which means we’ve lodged a COVID-19 Safety Plan and we’re taking appropriate steps to keep our community safe. We are focused supporting everyone’s health and wellbeing, and have a comprehensive plan in place. In addition to our regular cleaning schedule, we’re also increasing how often we clean and sanitise tables in common contact points – door handles, lift controls and table surfaces. We have additional hand sanitiser available in bathrooms/toilets, building and campus foyers, kitchen areas, student lounges and the Student Centre.

Our local campus Premier University has taken this plan seriously and have discussed the issues of prevention and awareness building accordingly. After discussion the following measures have been recommended:

  1. any person of Premier University community including outsourced service members working inside the campus with symptoms of fever, coughing and sneezing, should immediately contact the University Medical Officer or call +8801313044515-16.
  2. creating an isolation zone at the Premier University medical centre and keeping one dedicated transport for shifting the patient to hospital.
  3. displaying banners / posters in various places of the University for building awareness.
  4. updating the faculty members, staff and students through email regarding the preventive measures taken so far against Coronavirus.
  5. frequent cleaning of all doorknobs, lift buttons, washrooms, stair railings, machines, turnstiles, access control devices, etc.
  6. everybody should maintain personal hygiene and wear mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

All faculty members/ staff / students are advised to avoid bringing guests and visitors at the university for the time being.

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