UTS College Bangladesh Stars Shine Bright: Abdallah Mohammed Omar Faruk and Md. Omor Faruque Make Strides in Educational Journey

In a tale of academic excellence, UTS College Bangladesh proudly celebrates the achievements of two dedicated students, Abdallah Mohammed Omar Faruk and Md. Omor Faruque.

Both students elected to commence their Australian degree by studying at UTS College in Bangladesh where they were able to complete their Australian diploma which gives them direct entry into second year at the University of Technology Sydney. By being able to commence at home, they not only got a fast start to their international study, they also were engaged in a wonderful teaching environment to support their journey.
Abdallah, pursuing a Diploma leading to a bachelors in IT, has not only completed his first year at UTS College Bangladesh but has also secured visa approval for his next academic milestone — the second year at the prestigious University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Australia. He is looking forward to moving to Sydney to commence his studies.

Simultaneously, Md. Omor Faruque, on his journey with a Diploma leading to a bachelors in business, showcases his commitment to academic excellence and has been offered his place at UTS to commence. Both students epitomize the high standards of education at UTS College, Bangladesh, and their success highlights the effectiveness of pathway programs.

These achievements underscore the commitment of UTS College Bangladesh to providing a pathway for students to thrive internationally. Abdallah and Omar’s success stories not only inspire their fellow students but also exemplify the global educational opportunities fostered by pathway programs.

Abdallah Mohammed Omar Faruk and Md. Omor Faruque ‘s remarkable achievements represent the bright future of UTS College Bangladesh and for all its future graduates who can realise their dreams of a quality international program.

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