UTS College Bangladesh Hosts Successful Orientation Day for 4th Batch

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) College in Bangladesh hosted the Orientation Day for its 4th Batch, marking a significant milestone for the institution. The event took place on March 2, 2024, and was attended by esteemed guests and distinguished speakers from both UTS Australia and Premier University Chittagong (PUC).

The students in the UTS College program are able to commence their first of Australian university study in Chattogram, providing them with the unique opportunity to make an immediate start to their international studies and take advantage of the many benefits of this brings.

The new students will be able to follow in the footsteps of previous graduates of the UTC College program who have already joined University Technology Sydney and were able to enter directly into their 2nd year.

Among the honored guests were Dr. Chris Elbadawi, TNE Quality Manager at UTS College Australia, and Professor Dr. Anupam Sen, Vice Chancellor of PUC. Additionally, Professor Dr. Kazi Shamim Sultana, Pro Vice Chancellor of PUC, Professor Dr. Taufique Sayeed, Treasurer and UTS Program Coordinator at PUC, Professor Mohammad Moinul Haque, Professor and Assistant Dean at the Faculty of Business Studies, PUC, Naquib Khan, Country Head and Ambassador of UTS College Bangladesh, and Dr. Arif Jubaer, CEO & Founder of Bangladesh Education Research Institute (BERI) graced the occasion with their presence.

Dr. Chris Elbadawi extended a warm welcome to the new students, assuring them of the same level of support and commitment from the highly qualified teaching staff at PUC as they would expect from UTS College Sydney.

During the event, Vice Chancellor Dr. Anupam Sen also praised the UTS pathway program, emphasizing the exceptional fortune of the students to have access to such a program locally.

Professor Dr. Kazi Shamim Sultana, highlighted the unique opportunity the UTS pathway program presents to students. She encouraged students to take advantage of the program, stating that it would provide many advantages in their future learning endeavors.

Toufique Sayeed, UTS Program Coordinator at PUC, emphasized the importance of familiarizing oneself with the study course structure in Bangladesh before heading to Australia. He urged students to work hard and complete the 1st year successfully as this will assist them to be successful in their studies in Australia.

Naquib Khan expressed enthusiasm for the program and its benefits, stating that the event had set a positive tone for the academic journey at UTS College. New students were warmly welcomed into the UTS College community and were able to become part of the community of fellow students.

The Orientation Day provided valuable insights and perspectives to the incoming batch of students. It served as a platform for the new students to familiarize themselves with the ethos and values of UTS College Bangladesh and be able to fully appreciate the quality of the facilities available which creates a positive learning environment.

Welcoming them as valuable members of the UTS College community, the event featured engaging activities, thoughtful gifts, and a delightful lunch, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among peers. This occasion was the start of the student’s journey to a successful international career.

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