Naquib Khan: Leading UTS Programs in Bangladesh – A Renowned Corporate and Cultural Personality

MOHAMMAD NAQUIB UDDIN KHAN, popularly known as NAQUIB KHAN, is a prominent figure from Chittagong, Bangladesh. With 38 years of experience in international organizations, he now focuses on fostering opportunities for Bangladeshis, including his role to lead the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Programs in Bangladesh.

Whilst Naquib Khan is an internationally acclaimed musician, enthralling audiences worldwide with his performances, he has also had a very successful business career with international companies.

Naquib Khan held key positions at Nestlé Bangladesh for 26 years, excelling as Financial Controller, Supply Chain Director, and Corporate Affairs & Communications Director.

He initiated his career at KPMG Rahman Rahman Huq and went on to contribute to PHILIPS Bangladesh and BOC Bangladesh (now Lindé Bangladesh).

At the same time as forging his business career, he also composed over 500 original Bangla songs, many of them notable pieces, including a theme song for Bangladesh’s father of the nation’s birth centenary and the SDG Song for the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s office. He has performed internationally on many occasions.

Naquib Khan’s business career, combined with his successful musical career, provides the range of skills to provide the leadership for this important role in education for Bangladeshis. His contributions to community groups show that he understands the value of making a difference.
“Education has always been something I have been passionate about’ says Naquib Khan. “I have seen the differences that education can make, and my international travels have shown me that quality programs are valuable both for students and nation capacity building. To be able to be
engaged the deliver the quality UTS programs in Bangladesh is a privilege for me.”

Naquib Khan’s diversity of experience will mean he will blend his international experience in both the corporate and cultural sectors to provide a unique perspective for lead the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Program in Bangladesh for the benefit of many students and the country.

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